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Grizzly Gunworks Brass Case Annealer Demo

Instructional Video -- How to anneal brass cases?

Annealing brass is an important part of the reloading process, as well as, a vital component in the competitive shooting world.  

Design Benefits of the Grizzly Gunworks Rotary Brass Case AnnealerCONSTRUCTION

  • 1 square foot small counter top size.
  • 11 inch (12 inch for .50 Cal) low clearance allows you to conveniently fit the annealer on your shelf or bench.
  • 110 volt power supply; a 220 volt converter is available for an additional cost of $100. 
  • Extreme heat resistance and durability.
  • Gears are made of steel; all other parts are light weight aluminum making the annealer easy to move in your home or relocate between competitions; while also providing high quality construction, durability and precision. 
  • Ideal for belted and regular cases.  Belted cases are loaded from the bottom up in the shell plate, as opposed to regular cases which are loaded from the top down.


Grizzly Gunworks has researched and developed the ideal speed for the rotation of the shell plate, perfect for annealing.  Consistency is key when annealing; same speed, same heat equals a uniform constant annealed shell case.  Our annealer does not have a rotary speed controller due to the reason that it has a negative effect on the annealing process.  Many competitors use rotary controllers, this is not the correct option with a rotary case annealer because speed can fluctuate due to the inconsistency of electrical current flow though your electrical outlet.  The above causes a slight or major interruption in your shell plate rotation speed thus resulting in inconsistency.
The Shell case spins as it rotates around the lower shell plate.  As the brass case passes though the flames its rotational movement ensures it is heated evenly; allowing for annealing consistency.


Motor and barrings have a 5 year parts and labor wear and tear warranty.
Motor is enclosed in stainless steel housing.
The Rotary Motor is made for extreme heat, durability and longevity.


2 torches allow you to adjust the heat accurately, as well as, fine tune the flame direction.
Fully adjustable torch holders allow you to move them up and down, as well as, to the left and right.  The above makes it easy to adjust the heat settings and to accurately position the flame on your brass case neck.


Bronze bushings and stainless steel bearings allow for smooth rotation.
Stainless steel tapered barrings aid in smooth rotation, and position the shell plate on the center of the drive shaft.
The stainless steel gears and bearings that drive and rotate the shell plate are durable and will not wear out.
Additional shell plates are available for $200, each shell plate holds up to 4 different shell case sizes.
When ordering additional plates please note different firearms may share the same shell case size.  For example, the .308 Winchester has a rim diameter of 0.473.  The .30-06 Springfield, also, has a rim diameter of 0.473; both of these cases will fit in the same shell plate hole.
When measuring your cases to see if they are compatible with one another for the same shell case hole, you will have to go by the largest diameter of the case. 

5 Year Rotary Brass Case Annealer WARRANTY

Grizzly Gunworks produces high quality, effective, dependable firearm solutions.  We stand behind our product.
Our Brass Case Annealers are covered by a 5 year parts and labor warranty.  If your annealer stops working due to
a wear and tear reason over the 5 year period, just give us a call and we will repair or send you a new one with no
additional cost to you.

Product Specifications:

Base:  12 inches
Height:  11 inches for all calibers EXCEPT 12 inches tall for .50 Cal
Shell Plate Diameter:  8 inches
Shell Plate can hold up to 4 different brass case diameters. 
**To save time and money please note that different calibers share the same brass case diameters.**

Customizable Options:

Shell Plate Holes:  You can choose up to 4 different holes (shell case sizes) to be cut into your annealer's shell plate.  This allows you to anneal several calibers/ shell case sizes simultaneously saving you time and money.


For an additional fee you may purchase, depending on your requirements:

  • 220 Volt Converter --- $100
  • Brass Case Shell Plate (holds up to 4 different shell case sizes) --- $200 
  • ** One Brass Case Shell Plate is included with the Annealer purchase. **