How to get the perfect Muzzle Brake fit for your Rifle? 

A few things to consider before you measure your barrel:

1.  This applies to you if you have a non-threaded barrel (Please refer to the picture below, your barrel has no screw like threads present at the end of the barrel, it is smooth).  If screw like threads are present you have a threaded barrel, and these instructions do not apply to you. 

2.  If you have a non-threaded barrel you are most likely ordering a CLAMP-ON Muzzle Brake -- OR -- if you are buying a THREADED Muzzle Brake you will have to get your barrel threaded by Grizzly Gunworks or another qualified gunsmith.  Please note Grizzly Gunworks threads muzzles for customers located in Canada only.  Grizzly Gunworks has developed and patented the CLAMP-ON muzzle brake technology to save you money.  We are the only manufacturer of muzzle brakes in the world that properly provides the clamp-on technology for every gun.  We are, also, by far superior in quality and performance to our competitors.  If you have a non-threaded barrel you should go this route as it will save you $100 - $160 to get your muzzle threaded.  

If you are wondering what are the performance benefits of getting your muzzle threaded, there are none, it is only personal preference.  Our clamp-on muzzle brake technology is superior, hence, it delivers equal performance to threaded muzzle brakes. 

3.  You MUST use calipers -- OR -- a micrometer to take your measurements to 3 decimal places (e.g. 0.856 inches).  Everything we produce is going fit your barrel like a glove hence accurate measurements are required.  Your muzzle brake is custom made to your barrel's unique specifications.

Quick Tip -- You can buy a micrometer or calipers by clicking the links below.  This is only a suggestion and it is up to you where you want to buy these measuring tools. 

Click here to Purchase Calipers from HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS

Click here to Purchase a Micrometer from HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS

4.  We DO NOT offer refunds on custom work, please take extra care and triple check your measurements.  Your muzzle brake is made to your specific measurements hence it cannot be re-sold.

We need your barrel specifications to ensure the perfect muzzle brake fit on your rifle. 

Follow these instructions to measure your NON-THREADED barrel:

Please provide:

(A)  Muzzle Diameter (e.g. 0.753 inches)
(B)  Barrel Diameter 1 inch from the muzzle (e.g. 0.762 inches)

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