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The Grizzly Gunworks Muzzle Thread Adapter is a useful attachment when using multiple rifles with different threading, however, only one muzzle device.  The Muzzle Thread Adapter can be made for any threading, as well as, any combination from inch to metric, metric to metric and inch to inch.  In order to custom make a Thread Adapter for your rifle, you will need to provide us with the internal female threads needed (e.g. M14 x 1 Left Hand), and external male threads (e.g. 1/2 - 28").

** Please Note **  If using a muzzle device on multiple weapons, the caliber of the muzzle device must be big enough for the rifle it is being used on.  For example, an AR muzzle brake cannot be used on a shotgun as the caliber size is too large.

Product Specifications:

Custom Made for THREADED RIFLES/ ARs.
Coated in KG Ceramic Gun Kote for a hard, durable and long lasting finish.
Material:  Steel
Length:  Approx. 1.1"
Weight:  Approx. 0.2 lbs

Customizable Options:

Threading:  Any - Inch to metric, metric to metric, inch to inch
Color:  Flat Black, Flat OD Green, Flat Desert Tan, Flat Dark Earth