Grizzly Gunworks offers many Gunsmith Services.  Our qualified Weapon Technicians are available to answer questions and to provide accurate quotes via telephone, 226.208.1200 or e-mail:  Below is a general price list of our basic services.  



Grizzly Cheek Riser Install
Cheek Riser NOT included.
Custom Rifle Building
Customer supplies required parts.
Contact us for a quote.
(Chambering, Crowning, Setting the Head Space)

Cut and Crown

Muzzle Threading

Iron Sight Installation
(Drill and Tap)

Blueprinting Action

Custom Pillar Bedding

Custom Weapon Coating

Starting at $180
Scope Mounting and Sight In
Mounting of scope rail is an additional fee.
Rifle Sight In
Customer supplies the ammo.
Mounting Scope/ Picatinny Rail

$25 per screw
Custom Made Bolt Handle
Custom designs available.
Threading Bolt for Bolt Handle

Install Sako Extractor in Remington Bolt
Customer supplies extractor.


Tel. (226) 208-1200