The Grizzly Gunworks Barrel Shroud is made to suit any rifle.  The customer chooses the desired length of the shroud, up to a maximum of 16".  Outside diameter is a constant 1.5" with cooling holes throughout.  Light weight 6061 aluminum design available in 4 military spec colors, as well as, dull or shiny aluminum finish.  We manufacture this barrel shroud specifically out of air craft aluminum so that it is very light and durable. Our custom made barrel shrouds come with a clamp on technology that properly mounts to your barrel, once attached it will not rattle or come loose. There are two clamping screws on each end for fastening onto the barrel.  The above clamp on technology will allow you to clamp the shroud to your barrel without using set screws or other poor forms of attachment like most aftermarket products use today.  Our shrouds will not mark your weapon, rattle or affect your accuracy. 

When purchasing your custom barrel shroud you will be required to provide the barrel diameter to three decimal places at each end of your barrel shroud attaching point.  For example, if your diameter at the muzzle is 0.750" and your custom required shroud length is 13.5", you will need to provide the diameter
of your barrel at the 13.5" point which can be, for example 0.813".

Grizzly Gunworks manufactures custom made barrel shrouds that are high quality, light and properly clamp onto your rifle.  Due to our clamp on design, there are no damaging set screws digging into your barrel.

Product Specifications:

Custom Made for RIFLES.
Material:  6061 Aircraft Aluminium

Customizable Options:

Length:  Any -- up to a maximum of 16 inches
Color:  Flat Black, Flat OD Green, Flat Desert Tan, Dull Bead Blasted Aluminium, Shiny Aluminium


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