Grizzly's patented muzzle brake's virtually eliminate muzzle jump, twist and greatly reduce recoil. Brake's are internally threaded to suit your barrel as well as clamped onto the threads when correct orientation is achieved. Simply by loosening a screw, the brake can un-thread and be removed for cleaning as well as crown cleaning.

Barrel Caps are also available to screw onto barrel if shooting without the brake is desired. They are made knurled or smooth on the outside surface depending on your preference. Also the outside diameter is custom made to suit your barrel diameter.

Grizzly's Muzzle Brake's are coated using KG Gunkote and baked in an oven for extreme durability and protection. Stainless steel finish is also available upon request.
Barrel threading is available so your barrel can be custom fit to a Grizzly Muzzle Brake.

Grizzly Muzzle Brake's coated in Flat Black are in stock and ship within 2 business days. Custom colour's (add 2 days).

The Grizzly muzzle brake has been field tested on Accuracy International, P.G.W's, Sako TRG, Blazer, Styer, Tikka, Savage, Remington and Desert Tactical Arms with impressive results.


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