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We produce high quality --  custom made rifles and accessories.
It is hard to believe that in the world of CNCs we still design and hand craft each of our products individually.
Quality and performance are the result. 

 The Hunter Muzzle Brake


Grizzly Gunworks TM prides itself with the quality of workmanship and materials used to produce our products.  We repair firearms and produce specialized accessories.  Whether you are a hunter, competition shooter, military, police or SWAT we will work with you closely to consult, develop and produce your ultimate rifle and accessories. Grizzly Gunworks, also, provides gunsmithing and rifle maintenance services.  If you are not sure how to put a gun together, if something is not working quite right, or your rifle is not as accurate as it used to be; give us a call, we can help.  Our top-notch gunsmithing skills are precise and we will make sure your problem is solved.

Everything produced at Grizzly Gunworks is custom.

Our Weapon Technicians can make or fix a myriad of complications, providing helpful advice and solutions.  Hence, if you do not see your product in our online store feel free to call us or send us an email, and we will let you know how we can fix or custom make anything for you.

Our goal is to produce high quality accessories, while providing the highest in craftsmanship and customer service.  Our online store features a fraction of our products.  If you do not find what you are looking for, send me an email:

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I competition shoot; I have won continuously in 2010 the Ontario Rifle Association's (ORA) Precision Rifle Matches coming in 1st place Sniper Aggregate, as well as, came in 1st place at ORA's 2009 Long Range Precision Rifle Championship.  I have designed my superior line of custom muzzle brakes and accessories with competition and combat in mind.  My product is far superior to others in the market in regards to precision, quality and performance. 

Grizzly Gunworks offers:

  • Accessories with unmatched performance
  • High precision and quality products
  • Knowledgeable & skilled services providing firearm solutions

We are more than happy to cater to our customers' needs and wants.  We know weapons inside out and what it takes to have superior performance.  Grizzly Gunworks knows how to make your rifle perform and how to design our accessories to make you look good at the range.

Grizzly Gunworks ships worldwide product permitting.

Talk to you soon,

Jeff Cox, Owner
Grizzly Gunworks

Custom made Rifles and Accessories since 2008.

Custom Muzzle Brakes

Choose your finish, color, style, size, mount and face design.  We make every brake custom for the perfect look and fit.
For Rifles, Shotguns and ARs.

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The Hunter

Our newest Muzzle Brake for Rifles, Shotguns and ARs.  It was designed with competition and combat in mind.
Choose your final look. 

Muzzle Brake Fake Silencer Combo

We guarantee you will like this.  Muzzle Brake and Fake Silencer in one,  It looks like a military grade FAKE silencer. Made for any barrel threaded or non-threaded, according to your custom specs. 

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